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Aussie icon in Europe

Here’s a truck nut in the Czech Republic who has decided to copy an Australian iconic fleet, Nolans from Gatton in Queensland. He has recreated an AB triple and pulls it with a ridiculously long wheelbase Kenworth prime mover with a US style sleeper cab. Of course, he manages to get it a bit wrong, the B-double set at the rear is running on tandems and there are no refrigeration units on the trailers.


The fact such a video exists demonstrates just how powerful the image of the Aussie truck and truckie are in the global consciousness. There is something exciting and romantic to the rest of the world about the way we do road transport in Australia. If further proof were needed we only need to look at the success of TV shows like Outback Truckers and Megatruckers which have both been sold overseas.


The world of truck models is a mystery to most people and, surely, will remain so. However, this guy is clearly a fan. There is a link on his website to the Nolans website.


Surprisingly, an extensive search reveals no other Nolans Interstate Transport trucks appear on YouTube, apart from this Czech model. This a clear oversight, so Diesel News is calling on video enthusiasts out there to film a real Nolans truck and post it up.


As there are no Nolans trucks on YouTube, we will have to settle for video of the Nolan Transport trucks from Ireland:

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