ATA Chairman David Simon to address the National Press Club

David Simon ATA Chairman will talk at National Press Club

The Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, David Simon, will address the National Press Club in Canberra on 3 April 2013.

Since 1966, the National Press Club has hosted major addresses by political and business leaders, including prime ministers, leaders of the opposition and international visitors.

In his nationally televised address, Mr Simon will explain why trucking is safe, professional and essential for Australia.

As part of his speech, Mr Simon will release a major report into road funding and how the trucking industry is charged for its use of the road system.

The report will include recommendations that would increase the efficiency of government road spending, immediately improve the existing registration and fuel tax systems, and lay down a pathway towards a workable and efficient road charging system for the future.

The report is being prepared for the ATA by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

As well as chairing the ATA, David Simon is the managing director of Simon National Carriers, which provides premium transport and logistics services with a focus on safety and compliance. Simon National Carriers operates more than 160 heavy vehicles and more than 190 rail containers on the interstate rail network.

He will talk about:

  • how the trucking industry is improving its safety;
  • how the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator could increase the industry’s productivity and limit increases in freight costs;
  • how governments could fix road charges and use the money to upgrade freight routes; and
  • the industry’s agenda for the 2013 federal election.
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