Apprentice Challenge Down to the Wire

Apprentice Challenge down to the wire

Last week’s Brisbane Truck Show saw the the Apprentice Challenge down to the wire on the final day. 

On the first day of competition Jack and Shaneet from the Eastern team took on Beau and Bekitemba from Western team.

After pulling away early having quickly identifying a number of the pre-programmed faults the Eastern team went into the halfway mark in the lead. In the second half of the 45-minute challenge, however, the Western team found their form to draw level when time elapsed with both teams boards showing seven faults found out of the nine.

Apprentice Challenge down to the wire

When all the heat results were tallied any ties would be separated by penalties with a half-point deduction for any mistakes. The judges kept those details close to their chests until the finals teams announcement.

Day two was a competition between the Western team and Southern team’s Samual and Luke. Both teams were neck and neck with five minutes to go. Then the Western team had a break-through, jumping ahead and repairing all nine faults with two minutes to spare.

Apprentice Challenge down to the wire

On day three the Eastern team and the Southern team were competing for the last place in the finals. At the end of the gruelling session there was just one point separating the two teams.

The west’s Bekitemba and Beau watched on intently, still not sure whether they had done enough to get into the finals.

The final day of the Apprentice Challenge saw the Western and the Southern teams competing for the National Apprentice Challenge trophy. Both teams competed very hard and at the end of the 60 minutes there was only 1 point separating the two and no penalty points were awarded to either team.

Apprentice Challenge down to the wire

Placing for the final day:

First place: Southern region (Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania)

  • Luke Kneebone – 4th-year apprentice – Webster Trucks, Tasmania
  • Samual Allan – 3rd-year apprentice – Ballarat Isuzu

Second place – North-western region (Western Australia and Northern Territory)

  • Bekitemba Gwebu– 3rd-year apprentice – Major Motors, Perth
  • Beau Smith – 4th-year apprentice – CMV Truck Centre, Adelaide

Third place – Eastern region (representing Queensland, New South Wales, and Australian Capital Territory)

  • Shaneet Singh – 2nd-year apprentice – Stillwell Trucks, Sydney
  • Jack Dennis – 4th-year apprentice – Penske Australia, Brisbane

Apprentice Challenge down to the wire