Another Major Improvement in Interstate Access

another major improvement in interstate access

The release this week of the National Class 2 Performance Based Standards (High Productivity) Authorisation Notice 2022 (No.1) sees another major improvement in interstate access for higher productivity vehicles. 

The decision by Transport for NSW to open up the state’s roads to A-doubles and other PBS Level 2 vehicles sees New South Wales beginning the process of the opening up of new routes under the notice, which had previously only operated in Victoria.

The development of a Tier3 network for NSW to complement the existing routes in Victoria is another step in the ongoing task of making interstate tasks easier to complete with the high productivity the trucking industry needs to handle the ever growing freight task.

“This is a significant step forward for freight movements across the eastern seaboard that will provide increased confidence to operators in knowing what they can get [and] where,” said Robert Smedley, Managing Director of Smedley’s Engineers.

Under the Notice, eligible PBS vehicles may operate in jurisdictions participating in this Notice when access is approved for that configuration. Operators must ensure their vehicle meets all conditions, including specific spacings, where given.

“The inclusion of the Tier 3 networks in NSW has been a long time coming,” said Jackson Heil, a Senior Engineer at Smedley’s. “The only catch is, anything not on the specific networks will still need to be applied for.”

The specifications of the eligible vehicles for this notice can be found by clicking here at the NHVR website.

The template vehicles and approved networks for New South Wales and Victoria can be found in the Eligible Vehicles and Network and Mapping sections by clicking here on the NHVR website. 

There are still differences between the supporting documents needed in NSW as opposed to Victoria, these are outlined by clicking here. 

Operators of these combinations must ensure their vehicle dimensions meet one of the reference vehicles.

The new notice applies from June 24 2022 to November 14 2026.

another major improvement in interstate access

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