Another Crazy Year 

another crazy year

It’s well into December and Christmas is fast approaching, as we are coming towards the end of another crazy year, and the big problems just seem to keep on coming. 

The latest in a long litany of problems emerging, which just make trucking even more difficult to manage, is the AdBlue shortage, accompanied by the inevitable price hike, which trucking businesses will struggle to add on to the way they charge their customers.

We have been here before. There were a series of unsustainable diesel price rises, back in the noughties, which looked like they were going to break many businesses, and succeeded with some. But, as a result of that crisis, fuel levies became part of doing business, calculated monthly following the ups and ups of fuel prices at the time.

This urea crisis is expected to work its way through eventually, but the trucking industry does have precedents in its locker to overcome steep rises in running costs.

However, the other fear around this issue is about the supply of AdBlue simply drying up. ‘There is no solution’ may well have a double meaning, if that is the case. There may well not be an easy solution.

However, there will be some sort of a solution, of that we can be sure. Why can we be sure? Because it’s the trucking industry and at the heart of our DNA is some basic instincts about getting the job done.

There is no culture of giving up when the going gets tough in the truck industry. Throughout its history, our industry has been beset by seemingly unsurmountable problems, but one way or another a solution has been found.

When a work around is found to the shortage and the goods do get delivered, we can use the crisis as yet another reason as to why the trucking industry should be classified as an ‘Essential Service’.

Of course, there will be a lot of frustration and a good deal of swearing going on, but the freight will get there, eventually, and the population does not need to panic buy toilet rolls just yet. 

another crazy year

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