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AMT UD, Cascadia Cab, X Series and More eCanters

AMT UD, Cascadia cab, X Series and more eCanters

The selection of trucks on display included an AMT UD, Cascadia cab, X Series and more eCanters at the truck show in Brisbane.

The next-generation eCanter’s new features include greater range, additional safety and a fresh interior and exterior design. The eCanter line-up has grown with a variety of different wheelbases, weight ratings and a choice of City Cab or Wide Cab. 

The new design also features an eAxle, for the next generation eCanter, engineers have built the electric motor into the rear axle itself, so there is no need for a driveshaft, saving weight and reducing energy losses. A new eMotor has a maximum output of 129kW and 430Nm. 

AMT UD, Cascadia cab, X Series and more eCanters

The depth of the UD Quon range continues to grow, including this locally engineered wheelbase solution, based on the eight litre 360hp Quon, available with either an Allison automatic or ESCOT AMT. 

The 11 litre UD engine now has increased torque and horsepower up to400 and 430hp. A redesigned turbocharger, low drag pistons and cylinder liners improve fuel efficiency for the Quon without compromising on driveability.

AMT UD, Cascadia cab, X Series and more eCanters

Freightliner’s top of the range 126 Road Train stood out on the Daimler. It features a 60-inch cab, a factory-developed bullbar designed to protect the truck without affecting the operation of the front radar unit used by the active safety pack. 

126 models feature the 16-litre six-cylinder DD16 Detroit engine with 600hp and 2050lb-ft of torque. It can be paired with a 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with GPS and topographic data maximising coasting and correct gear selection for the terrain. There is also an old-school 18-speed Eaton manual if preferred.

AMT UD, Cascadia cab, X Series and more eCanters

Western Star displayed the all new X Series , with the 47X, 48X, and 49X models on display for the first time at the show. 

The 47X has a short, sloped bonnet, a set-back front axle, up to 72.5 tonnes GCM, and comes in either a 6×4 or 8×4 configuration and with the choice of Cummins or Detroit power under the hood. The 48X is powered by the Detroit DD13 Gen 5 or DD16 engine, is available to over 130 tonnes GCM, features a set-forward front axle, has a BBC of 113 inches, and a choice of four sleeper cabins.  At the top of the range, the 49X is powered by the Detroit DD16, has 200 plus tonnes GCM capability, and is available with multiple cabin options.


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