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Alternative Fuels and Efficient Engines

Alternative Fuels and Efficient Engines

This week’s news in the world trucks includes companies looking to adopt alternative fuels and efficient engines as they continue to try and set themselves apart in the modern market.

Quon celebrates 20 years

UD Trucks is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its popular Quon model. It was first introduced in 2004, providing a solution to the growing industry pressures of running costs, sustainability, road handling, comfort and safety.

As the successor to the renowned BigThumb model, the Quon set a new industry benchmark upon its launch by integrating advanced technologies and world-first innovations.

UD Trucks Australia vice president Philippa Wood says the Quon started with industry-first achievements such as the introduction of the Final Low Emission New Diesel System, or FLENDS, and has now evolved since.

“Bringing the Quon to market 20 years ago was driven by UD Trucks’ Better Life purpose, enabling us to deliver a truck that’s better for people, our planet and for business,” she says.

“Quon has been at the forefront of addressing evolving challenges, setting new standards and delivering exceptional performance and success to our valued customers across Australia – and many other markets worldwide.

“We now have the safest, most efficient and comfortable Quon range to date and we will continue to go the extra mile and drive innovation forward with our dependable flagship product.”

Image: UD Trucks

Mack unveils Euro 6 offerings

Mack has released its “game-changing” new range of Euro 6 offerings for the Australian market.

A whole new range of Mack drivetrains has been revealed that includes an all-new range topping 780hp 17-litre MP11 engines and a stump pulling 3800Nm of torque.

The new Mack Trucks Euro 6 range is now available to order with the first vehicles expected to hit the road in early 2025.

Mack says the Super-Liner has already held the title of Australia’s most powerful conventional truck for more than a decade, with this new model set to elevate its offering.

The arrival of the new MP8HE (high efficiency) engine platform will help evolve Mack’s powertrain, with the 2800Nm of torque increasing the output from Mack’s standard MP8 engine.

Mack’s evolution of Bendix Wingman Fusion and a new infotainment system, alongside a standard rear-view camera, will help improve visibility and safety.

The fully integrated 70-inch walk-through sleeper will also be available for order with Euro 6 Super-Liner and Titan products, with single and double bunks included.

“To say we’re excited to bring this range of engines to market here in Australia would be an understatement,” Mack Trucks Australia vice president Tom Chapman says.

“To be able to now offer both power and efficiency across such a broad array of transport tasks in this country is truly game changing for Mack.”

Image: Volvo Group Australia

Volvo looks to hydrogen

Volvo has announced plans to globally manufacture hydrogen trucks in an effort to diversify its investment in zero emissions heavy vehicles.

The global manufacturer says on-road tests with the hydrogen combustion engine trucks will begin in 2026, with Volvo planning to commercially launch the vehicle by the end of the decade.

The move comes due to the ability that trucks running on green hydrogen have to decarbonise transport, with Volvo also citing the suitability of the technology over longer distances as a key advantage.

To develop the technology, Volvo has signed an agreement with Westport Fuel Systems to use the technology from now onwards.

Already, testing is underway in labs and vehicles to allow the hydrogen trucks to complement Volvo’s full range of vehicles.

“Trucks where the traditional internal combustion engine remains but runs on hydrogen will have the same performance and reliability as our diesel trucks, but with the added benefit of potentially net zero CO2 emissions well-to-wheel,” Volvo Trucks head of product management and quality Jan Hjelmgren says.

“They will be a valuable complement to our battery electric trucks, which have been on the market for several years.”

Image: Volvo Group Australia


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