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All electric Renault truck

Three years after the commercial launch of Maxity Electric, a Renault Trucks exclusive, the manufacturer is rolling out another 100% electric Maxity model, this time equipped with a small dumpster produced by Provence Benne Environnement (PBE) for collecting household garbage. A new Maxity application, available to the company Nicollin, is now operating at Renault Trucks’ Lyon facility.

Renault Trucks has delivered the first Maxity Electric equipped with a 100% electric residential garbage dumpster. This vehicle, which generates zero polluting emissions and no adverse noise impacts, is run by the Nicollin company inside Renault Trucks’ plant in Lyon. This new application is the fruit of a partnership between the manufacturer and Nicollin; the resulting final vehicle design features the following characteristics:

  •  Zero emissions of pollutants identified in regulations (ensuring compliance with the Euro 6 Standard),
  •  Zero greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions while operating,
  •  Limited noise emissions: only rolling noise is perceptible during trips. The vehicle and its body only actually emit 63 dB and have been awarded the PIEK label, which certifies a vehicle for a noise level below 65 dB.

This 4.5-ton, 100% electric Maxity garbage dumpster releases no atmospheric pollution and operates without causing any noise nuisance. According to this configuration, which includes the power take-off from batteries, a 50-kilometer autonomy is available, thus matching the needs for this type of vehicle in its most common uses. The Maxity Electric model draws its energy from a battery pack located in the wheelbase and in back of the vehicle. Its configuration combines 32 battery modules assembled in series, for a total capacity of 42 kWh. The energy supplied to the dumpster is managed electronically.

With the body built by Provence Benne Environnement (PBE) in partnership with Renault Trucks, this Maxity Electric vehicle is equipped with a small dumpster, also fully electric, for collecting household garbage: through use of a converter, battery energy is diverted to supply the dumpster drive pinion as well as its waste compaction system, which remain operable even when the vehicle is idle.

Technical specifications of the Maxity 100% Electric Dumpster model

Chassis – AGW and wheelbase

  • Authorized gross weight: 4.5 tons
  • Maxity drivers allowed to carry just a “B” license in a number of countries, including France

Certified in France at a weight of 3.5 tons + 1 ton, by virtue of a special regulation in favor of “clean vehicles” (“B” driver’s license sufficient): the additional 1,000 kg are justified by the declared excess weight and allocated in recognition of implementing an alternative “clean” technology. Maxity Electric has been certified at a weight of 4.5 tons outside France.

  • Payload: up to 1,895 kg
  • Total width of 1,870 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,500 mm (for a total length of 6,826 mm).


  • Average autonomy up to 100 km for transport applications involving dry goods and with a body not requiring energy consumption. Autonomy is dependent on: use, vehicle body, speed, and outside temperature. This autonomy drops to 50 km when combined with dumpster use and with compaction in an 100% electric mode.
  • Maximum speed of 90 km/hr, though a 70 km/hr limit is imposed to optimize autonomy, upon client request
  • Robotized gearbox• Asynchronous electric motor: 400 V / 47 kW
  • Maximum startup torque: 270 Nm
  • Maximum slope < 15%
  • Energy recovery during deceleration.


  • Harvested energy: 42 kWh
  • Lithium-ion / iron phosphate technology (Valence Technology)
  • 4 battery packs installed in the wheelbase and rear axle overhang
  • Complete recharging time, including battery balancing: 7 hours
  • Charger embedded in the vehicle, to allow charging on a simple three-phase power socket.
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