Alemlube’s 630A 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Grease Gun

Alemlube’s 630A 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Grease Gun

Taking plant and machinery maintenance to the next level


In today’s competitive world the need to keep plant and machinery well maintained, operative, generating revenue and subsequently profit is critical now more than ever.

Keeping productivity up, running and maintenance costs down and reinvesting in production equipment is sound business practice and a discipline that works in each and every businesses favour over time.

Alemlube’s 630A 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Grease GunWith these points in mind the Alemlube 630A 20V lithium-ion cordless grease gun hits the mark. Next level greasing.

Designed and engineered by Samoa in Spain (Europe’s number one workshop lubrication equipment manufacturer), the 630A cordless grease gun offers users dual flow rate modes delivering 100g/min or 160g/min and maximum grease pressures of up to 10,000psi / 700bar enabling operators to undertake plant and machinery greasing more quickly and effectively than has been the case in the past.

The optimised electric motor increases battery life creating more power thereby enabling greasing to be undertaken thru blocked and dirty grease points with a minimum of time
and effort.

Alemlube’s 630A 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Grease GunDurable pump design with quality components ensures a long service life with overpressure and overload protection part of the clever European engineering and design solution.

As well as providing operators with information in regard to how much grease has been put into a bearing, pin, bush, seal or slide, the multi-function LCD also lets the operator know how much grease is left in the cartridge (grease level) and how much charge is left in the battery (battery level).

Supplied standard with 2 x 2Ah lithium-ion batteries which can be used to dispense up to 16 x 450g cartridges of grease with grease flex & coupler, 21 cartridges free flow, a 4Ah battery capable of delivering up to 32 cartridges before battery recharge is required is also available as an upgrade option for high volume users and sites.

Alemlube’s 630A 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Grease GunAlso available is the Alemlube 430A 400g 20V lithium-ion cordless grease gun.

Three way loading (cartridge, loader pump or bulk fill) the 630A has a built in LED work light with on/off control and coupler and 1.1m long flexible extension holster with robust rubber feet providing stability on flat surfaces.  

In the mix, a plastic moulded anti-corrosive carry case which helps to reduce the likelihood of foreign particle ingress into the operator’s valuable plant and machinery, a 2Ah spare battery, a battery charger which recharges the battery in as little as 70 minutes and shoulder strap to minimise operator fatigue are supplied standard.


For further information on the Alemlube 630A 20V lithium-ion cordless grease gun as covered by a 5 Year Warranty* visit their official website or contact your local Alemlube distributor.

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