Alemlube Diesel Fuel Storage and Dispensing Kits

Alemlube diesel fuel storage and dispensing kits

Alemlube has hit the market with an Australian designed and engineered range of 400L Alemlube diesel fuel storage and dispensing kits with an emphasis on strength, stability and security.

Three distinct dispensing kits are available, including automatic nozzles with a further option of adding an electronic fuel meter to assist in accuracy and volume of diesel fuel dispensed bringing the number to six models on offer.

Security of the dispensing pump, nozzle and stored fuel was a major consideration in the development of the range resulting in a 4-point key-operated locking system being built into the lid. As well as providing essential security for your investment added protection from foreign particle contamination and the elements results.

Alemlube diesel fuel storage and dispensing kits

Locally manufactured, this exciting new range of polyethylene 400L diesel fuel storage tanks with dispensing kits has been designed to house the pump in a recessed position ultimately generating a lower centre of gravity which produces a greater degree of strength, stability and original shape retention. Another benefit is the integral nozzle holster which applies to two of the three versions, the third version has a nozzle holster attached to the pump.

Ideal for carrying in the back of a ute or in a service vehicle, these new Alemlube diesel fuel storage and dispensing kits are easily moved from one location to another (when empty) and provide a convenient on demand system for refuelling and diesel fuel transfer wherever the need arises.

Alemlube diesel fuel storage and dispensing kits

The dispensing kits include a 12V diesel fuel pump, antistatic fuel delivery hose, battery cables with clips, a stainless steel and brass fuel filter, and an automatic nozzle.

No assembly is required, each unit is supplied completely assembled, delivered with keys attached and ready to put to work.

For extra convenience a metered model is available to assist in accuracy and amount of diesel fuel dispensed.

A must for all trades and industries.

Alemlube diesel fuel storage and dispensing kits

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