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Airtec OBM, Integration Partner With The Teletrac Navman System

Airtec OBM is the New integration partner with the Teletrac Navman system

An announcement today tells us that the Airtec OBM is a new integration partner with the Teletrac Navman system. The new relationship means that the Interim OBM monitoring solution from Teletrac Navaman can be used for compliance purposes supporting the use of Performance Based Standards 2B heavy vehicle combinations on selected routes. 

Teletrac Navman says this is the first stage of a process in which the company moves towards full integration with Airtec to deliver the requirements for Smart OBM. 

Data from Airtec’s OBM systems is exchanged with Teletrac Navman for use through the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) and Intelligent Access Program (IAP), allowing transport operators to increase vehicle payloads and have greater access to roads across Australia.

Airtec OBM is the New integration partner with the Teletrac Navman system

Airtec Corporation, maker of the Airtec OBM, integration partner with the Teletrac Navman system,  is an Australian family owned company offering mass management and tyre pressure technology solutions. Airtec distributes a range of products suitable for transport operators, workshops, forecourts and agricultural environments.

“We are proud to welcome the introduction of Airtec as our latest integration partner for OBM systems and look forward to enjoying a long and beneficial relationship,” said Andrew Rossington, Chief Product Officer at Teletrac Navman. “The program will allow us to offer our customers a one-stop-shop solution to address their operational needs by integrating our existing telematics solutions with Airtec’s mass management solutions.”

The sentiment was echoed by David Hewett, Co-founder and Managing Director of Airtec Corporation, who is, “delighted to partner with Teletrac Navman. Since obtaining OBM System Type-Approval from the TCA in April 2019, our team has been designing, manufacturing and engineering a smart OBM solution for Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.”

Airtec gauges feature a large LED displays for drivers and loaders to easily visualise axle group and combination weights while being loaded. Weights can also be monitored in real time from the cab using the Airtec OBM app or in-cab display while wireless technologies are used to simplify the install process and speed up the swapping of assets in truck and trailer combinations.

Airtec OBM is the New integration partner with the Teletrac Navman system

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