A-trailer rego charge set to fall

The Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI) recently voted to approve short-term implementable measures to significantly reduce the registration charge for lead or A-trailers used in B-double and B-triple combinations.

SCOTI requested that the National Transport Commission (NTC) urgently review A-trailer registration charges in November 2011 following calls from industry that the charges were adversely impacting some operators.

According to NTC chief executive Nick Dimopoulos, the updated charges were developed following extensive consultation with governments and industry, with the proposal based on sound research and Council of Australian Governments’ policy directions.

“After listening carefully to industry and government views we’ve developed a short-term solution that will significantly relieve the financial pressure on operators who use A-trailers,” Dimopoulos said. “The updated charges are based on the best available data and will ensure that operators who don’t do a lot of mileage, such as livestock transporters, and operators using safer more productive vehicle types aren’t unfairly disadvantaged.”

The updated charges, which will provide significant reductions in B-double and B-triple registration costs, are expected to be implemented by July 1 this year. Reconstruction activity costs associated with natural disasters, such as floods, have been excluded from the charges.

The heavy vehicle industry will continue to pay its way for use of the road network under the updated charges, allowing governments to invest in building better and safer roads for safer, more productive vehicles.

SCOTI has also requested the NTC look at a more holistic reform of charges over the longer term.

“We understand that the transport industry needs a longer-term solution with charges that more fairly reflect individual operators’ use of the road network,” Nick added. “We are looking forward to working with industry and governments on developing a
new, fairer system that aligns with reforms already underway in this area.”

The NTC’s report to the transport ministers, which includes the updated charges, is available on the website:


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