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A Simple Message Well Said

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There is nothing more effective when trying to get a complicated idea across than a simple message well said and that is what this set of videos from Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds (HHTS)gets across.

To some extent the pandemic has concentrated the minds of the population on the the value of the trucking industry to society and what a vital function the industry performs in the cause of a thriving economy and a well fed population.

However, memories are surprisingly short and getting shorter each year, so these three well designed videos are a timely reminder to society at large, as to how vital trucks and trucking are to maintaining their comfortable lifestyle.

Clearly, from the point of view of HHTS one of the factors which contributes to the ongoing mental health problems in the trucking industry is the lack of appreciation for the job which we do and the service we provide to make every one else’s life a lot easier.

These videos are targeted at getting the general public to appreciate just what is being done for them in the early hours of the morning in warehouse, distribution centres, wholesale markets and out on the road, seven days a week.

If this kind of messaging is to be effective, we are not the audience the video needs to be seen by. We already know about the effort that goes into transport and logistics to keep the wheels of our economy turning. It needs to get out there and be seen by people who don’t get that message.

It is up to all of us, as an industry and a vital part of the economy, to share these videos far and wide and on as many social media channels as we can, to get a bit more appreciation for the freight workers on the front line. 

a simple message well said

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