A Perfect Storm For Businesses

a perfect storm for businesses

In clear evidence during last year’s pandemic, demand for last-mile delivery services and economical local and national transport, whether it be fresh food or parcel post, has created a perfect storm for businesses tackling the great Australian freight task.

Supporting this, Commonwealth Government data shows that between 2011 and 2031, domestic road freight is expected to grow by a whopping 80 per cent.

Always keen to respond to market demand for robust, application-specific solutions, Isuzu Trucks has recently developed its comprehensive Freightpack range, representing a selection of keenly specified medium duty trucks with practical and high-efficiency dividend freight bodies.

Ready to be put to work the day a buyer rolls into the showroom, and without any subsequent time required in the bodybuilder, Isuzu’s 10, 12 and 14 pallet Freightpacks offer a pickup and delivery solution that will get the job done both intelligently and effectively.

a perfect storm for businesses

Body specifics

Isuzu’s Freightpacks are fitted with an array of features to make life for operators on the road more comfortable than the average curtain-sider. Common features across Freightpack models include:

  • Quick-release latches on all curtain-siders 
  • LED interior strip lighting and step halo lights
  • Single pallet width load restraining interlocking gates 
  • Reversing camera and internal body camera, both integrated with Isuzu in-cab AV Unit screen
  • Isuzu ‘safety yellow’ grab handles and steps
  • 3-year truck and body warranty for all Ready-to-Work models
  • Satellite navigation as standard on all new F Series

Whether it’s fresh produce, stock replenishment for your local hardware store or the latest consumer electronics being loaded, every feature on the Freightpack is included as a carefully considered measure to maximise efficiency and productivity, vital when we are having a perfect storm for businesses.

The step at the rear of the truck is removable for the fitment of tailgate loaders, while entry to the load area is assisted with well-located contact points and even a removable post used in combination with the step to enter the rear of the truck.

Damage free access to loading docks come courtesy of the high-mounted reversing camera, while the aforementioned removable rear under-run bar is fitted with docking rubbers.

The safety focus of the body features was a major part of the design phase of the Freightpack range and all access points are painted in high-visibility safety yellow and are accompanied by safety decals to further emphasise correct use of features, and LED clearance, repeater indicator and daytime running lamps ensure good visibility for other road users.

Easy glide curtains, combined with quick-release latches shave off approximately 90 seconds per load, equating to loading and unloading time savings of up to 15 minutes per day, a deceptively short but valuable benefit that could mean the difference between peak-hour traffic or highway bliss.

The pallet-width, load-restraining and interlocking side gates assist are easily and speedily moved into and out of place ready for forklifts to access the brightly-lit, LED illuminated interior.

To further secure loads, the body features rated tie-down points in the floor and headboard and load restraint ratchets for each pallet, located on the passenger-side rope rail.

Aerodynamic considerations were also part of the body development with either cab roof or body mounted air deflectors depending on model and the buckle free curtain design.

a perfect storm for businesses

Clever on the road

The pre-bodied Freightpack range covers off the increasingly popular 10-pallet, 12-pallet and 14-pallet spectrum, with options for equally effective automated manual or fully automatic transmissions, depending on driver preference, plus the ability to specify four or six cylinder powerplants to cater to operating range and environment.

Isuzu Australia Limited National Sales Manager Les Spaltman summed up the reasoning behind the Freightpack configurations succinctly.

“We’ve already applied our successful Ready-to-Work strategy to the lighter end of the general freight market and now we’re responding to demand in the medium and heavy-duty rigid markets with these tightly specced and useful F Series Freightpack models,” he said.

“We’ve specified key GVM, engine and transmission configurations, providing durable freight workhorses for a variety of operations.

“The trucks are fitted with a range of time-saving and convenience enhancing features and like all our Ready-to-Work models, can be put straight to work direct from the dealer.”

Efficiency rules

For those with transport as their main game, having a truck that can handle the tough stuff, reliably, makes doing business just one bit easier, at time when we are having a perfect storm for businesses noted Spaltman.

“Anyone driving a truck all day will inevitably question its ongoing capacity to deliver efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss,” he said.

“We’ve taken the guess work out for businesses who simply don’t have the time, or don’t want to spend hours mulling over pages of specifications, by matching useful engine and transmission combinations with features suited to rigorous everyday usage, all backed by Isuzu’s reputation for reliability and engineering excellence. 

“For freight operators seeking a no-fuss solution and needing the support of a 10, 12 or 14 pallet curtain-sider truck, our Ready-to-Work Freightpacks range is the answer,” he concluded. “It’s as simple as that.”

a perfect storm for businesses