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A new York launches at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show

IMG_1414Global axle and suspension manufacturer, York Transport Equipment, has chosen the back drop of the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show to unveil its brand new message with a revamped corporate identity and communications strategy for the Australian market.

The new look and direction compliments the refocused strategic direction following the 100% acquisition by world-leading automotive company, Tata Group, in 2012.

The rebrand is a result of extensive customer feedback, which consistently revealed the same sentiment: customers felt York had been missing in the marketplace over a period of several years.

Customers didn’t understand what the York brand stood for, or trust that it would deliver what it promised.

These insights have fuelled York to reinvent the brand in the market and reignite its position as a partner to the fleets and the OEMs. This is embodied in a new brand message with the focus on one simple yet crucial promise: delivering the lowest total cost of ownership.

“One thing we heard consistently from customers was that we were not delivering on our promises; we had failed them and we needed to change,” said Phil Craker, York Country Head – Australia.

“We needed to change the way we did things internally as well as strengthen what it was that the York brand meant to reassure fleets and OEMs that they would be getting the best possible support when they chose York. We needed to change our culture to deliver on the promises we made and we needed to let this be the indicator of our success,” Mr Craker said.

With Tata showing full confidence in York with its 100 per cent buyout in 2012, York had the opportunity to look at what it did uniquely to others and to clearly define the benchmarks it had created since its inception over 50 years ago, with the view to proving how it delivers the total lowest cost of ownership.

“It’s an easy thing to talk about the ‘lowest total cost of ownership’, but we wanted to make sure we could consistently keep this promise. We have created tools and aids to show customers what the promise really means to them,” Mr Craker added.

Through its reliable equipment, service, understanding and commitment, York now has a clear message to the market on exactly how they can assist them in reducing costs to their operations.

“York will work closely with the local and global transport industry to understand exactly what they need. With its finger on the pulse of what is important to the industry and to the fleets, York is investing in smart designs that feature lower weight, durability and efficiency, so our customers can enjoy reduced maintenance and far fewer failures on the road,” added Phil. “This is backed up by the world-class knowledge and experience it has access to as a TATA Enterprise.”

“We know customers require reliable equipment delivered on time – that is a given and expected by any supplier in the marketplace. Where York is unique is its global partnerships and networks which means we act not only as a supplier but as an advocate to our customers, especially fleets. Whether it is helping customers stay ahead of changing regulations or meeting requirements like the PBS in Australia, York now has the ability to be more than just a stock standard supplier. York is focused on strengthening our role as a trusted partner to the fleets and OEMs to help them grow their business,” Mr Craker said.

“And in 2013 that means being a consultant just as much as it means supplying good quality running gear on time.”

York’s new brand identity is communicated through a whole new look and feel, with a focus on simplicity, showing customers that ‘what you see is what you get’. This is achieved through the use of black and white photography and fresh content for customer brochures. In late 2013-14, customers will also see a new user-friendly and customer-driven website, and York’s first print and online advertising campaigns.

“It comes down to honesty. We are showing customers we have no gimmicks. Just results,” said Mr Craker.

Central to York’s brand platform is telling real stories of York customers and how the equipment has helped them achieve better business results. This is achieved through the expansion and fresh design of the popular York Talk magazine, along with video and print case studies.

“We are proud to take the lead in working more closely with the industry and our customers. This is a turning point for York and our customers,” said Mr Craker.

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