A Diverse Family Trucking Business

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This video features Wade De Campo, Owner and Managing Director of Western Australia based De Campo Transport, a diverse family trucking business. 

De Campo Transport is a second-generation Australian family-owned and operated transportation business. With its main depot in Pemberton, WA, the business specialises in cartage of fresh produce and frozen foods to many parts of the country. It also operates warehousing and distribution within the South West corridor of WA.

This operation is one of many across the country based in local areas, but offering a national service to its customers. Examples like De Campo are the backbone of the industry, combining the personal service, provided by businesses littered across all of the states, with the most efficient methods of transporting goods from A to B.

Running a trucking business well is not easy, but the industry continues to produce people with the kind of can-do attitude and ability to keep driving improvements through a trucking operation, without losing the core principles which make the business invaluable to deal with.

Travelling around the trucking industry, you will meet many people like Wade, dedicated to their business, but also passionate about the industry, doing right by their customers and employees as well.

For them the trucks and trailers which keep the business moving are more than simply tools of the trade, they are another thing which they are passionate about. They often don’t see their trucks as just a commodity, which they buy off the shelf. There is so much more to the choice, purchase and maintenance of the equipment, which is intrinsic to the business model and part of the strategy which has made the business what it is today. 

Let’s hope we are producing enough young people, who are coming into the industry to carry on with this industry culture and keep the passion for trucks and trucking in the blood.

diverse family trucking business

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