A Diverse and High Profile Transport Company

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From a modest start in 2005 with just a few trucks hauling steel on local and regional routes, Sean Carren has moulded Goldstar Transport into a diverse and high profile transport company. 

According to Goldstar’s owner, Sean Carren, it is his team which has created the firm’s growth in the good times and it is the same team, which will bring the operation through the leaner times. 

Sean came into transport from motorsport, running a race car transporter. He had a single drive Volvo prime mover with a 45 foot trailer moving race cars. Raceway closures in WA in the late nineties saw Sean’s business close to failure and he had to search for other work for the truck.

The prolonged boom in the West, stimulated by the massive investment in the resources industry in the last couple of decades, provided an opportunity for businesses around the state to grow. Economic growth creates a high demand for transport services so Goldstar, plus countless others, saw demand for their services grow sharply and strongly over a lengthy period of time.

According to Sean, the fundamentals are in place. The people he has around him are the kind of people, who will bring the business through these leaner times. He remains confident the structure and people are in place to enable Goldstar to keep up its current performance.

One of Sean’s basic requirements for all drivers is to have a ‘GOAL’. This stands for ‘Get Out And Look’. According to Sean any driver who gets out and looks will have considerably less incidents out on the road and at the many sites where they have to manoeuvre. 

On training, Sean’s philosophy can be boiled down to the notion, if you don’t teach the employee how to do the job properly, they will learn at your expense. They will keep making mistakes until they work it out.

Over ten years ago when Freighter first introduced its Safe-T-Liner with load restraint rated curtain system to the Australian market, Perth-based Goldstar Transport was one of the first businesses to try it out.

a diverse and high profile transport company