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Extra Mile Challenge is Underway with UD Trucks 

UD Trucks Australia has launched the 2020 Extra Mile Challenge, a driver-skill based competition that tests drivers to demonstrate how improvements in driver behaviour can translate to safer driving, improved fuel consumption and reduced wear and tear on vehicles.

The local Australian competition has been launched with drivers hand-picked by UD Trucks’ customers to compete in the challenge. 12 drivers from three UD Trucks dealerships are participating across Australia; with VCV Sydney Prestons, SCT Adelaide, and CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong supporting their competing drivers through dedicated dealership Fuel Watch Managers. The competition will be running over the course of the next two months.

Once a champion has been crowned, they will go on to compete at UD Trucks’ global headquarters in Ageo, Japan, for the prize of being named ‘2020 Extra Mile Challenge Global Champion’.

The Extra Mile Challenge is run by UD Trucks International and supported by markets around the world, including Australia, challenging drivers in the local qualifying rounds to continuously improve their performance in four key areas: Anticipation and Braking, Engine and Gear Utilisation, Speed Adaptation, and Standstill.

For the final selection in Ageo in April 2020, the  four key areas reduced to three; focusing on Pre-drive Inspection, Fuel Efficient and Safe Driving, and Manoeuvring and Parking Skills. The most successful driver across all categories will be crowned UD’s Ultimate Driver for 2020.

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