150th UD Truck for Followmont Transport | TRANSPORT NEWS

Queensland based company, Followmont Transport the delivery of its 150th UD truck.

The company’s managing director Mark Tobin said the 150th truck is another spoke in the wheel of their relationship with UD.

“We’re excited to be taking on our 150th edition at Followmont Transport, it just goes to show the growth of our business and the strength of our operation,” said Mr Tobin.

Followmont Transport clocks up more than 85,000km every day, moving 3,000 tonnes and delivering 99 percent in-full and on-time.

Connecting Queensland from Blackwater to Birdsville and from Cunnamulla to Cooktown, Followmont Transport services more than 20,000 customers including Mitre 10, Repco, Australia Post and Dulux.

With a fleet of 383 trucks, Followmont Transport now purchases an average of 12 to 15 UD trucks per year, from small rigids through to 60 tonne prime movers.

VCV Brisbane North Salesmen Stuart Blackmore said of the 150 trucks purchased over the many years of the relationship, 123 are still currently active and on the road, with the standard metro spec’ being 12 -14 pallet body trucks.”

“Mechanically we’ve experienced minimal breakdowns and our workshop finds UD accessible for ease of mechanical repairs, assisting with servicing time,” said Mr. Tobin.

“Fuel economy is in excess of two kilometres per litre and AdBlue usage is below 3.5 percent,” he added.


·         Iain Allison, Regional Sales Manager, UD Trucks
·         Gavin Nielsen, Commercial Manager, Followmont Transport
·         Joe White, Dealer Principal, VCV Brisbane
·         Peter Voorhoeve, President and CEO, Volvo Group Australia
·         Mark Tobin, CEO/Managing Director, Followmont Transport
·         Mark Strambi, Vice President, UD Trucks
·         Stuart Blackmore, UD Sales Representative, VCV Brisbane

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