10 Tips for Choosing the Right Transport Management System

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Transport Management System

Efficient businesses start with finding the best transport management system for your business, here’s My Trucking’s 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Transport Management System.

It can be overwhelming to try and line up your needs with what’s on offer. But get it right, and you can reduce your overall transport spend, reduce the amount of paper, stop revenue leakage, and make your whole business run like a dream.


But where to start? Here are 10 top tips to help get you started.

  1. Keep it simple.You want something that will enhance your business, not complicate it. Find someone who has done it before, talk to your competitors, and listen to recommendations. 
  2. Research that system. If the system is going to add value, a system that’s been designed specifically with transport management in mind is going to be best. Look at how it integrates with your accounting package or other systems. This could also be a chance to review how well your accounting system is working for you too!
  3. Is it cost effective? If the answer is no, then look elsewhere. You will need to invest some time learning about the system and what it can do for you. A system that offers a free trial is often ideal to figure out if it’s really going to be a good fit for you. Don’t forget to ask what the set-up costs are, if there’s a contract, and what the ongoing costs for help and support are. All of this will help you figure out if you’re getting value for money.
  4. Don’t fear technology. It’s the way of the future. It CAN be simple to use, and it has the ability to make your life much easier. As above, you just need to invest a little time.
  5. Cloud-based. Have your information available to you at any time, from anywhere. Whether you’re out on the boat or on the school run, you can still effectively manage your business.
  6. One data entry. THIS is the key to efficiency. Ask if one data entry flows through to invoicing. You want to know that one single data entry into your transport management system will flow on. This reduces time spent double entering data. 
  7. Mobile App. Apps are game changers in terms of communication, and ensuring drivers have all the correct information they need for a job at their fingertips. Check if the app works on both Apple and Android devices.
  8. Go paperless. Free yourself from the monotony of paperwork. Cloud storage means everything is saved online, so you can move to a near paperless office. 
  9. Multiple users. Does the system allow unlimited users, or do you pay per user?  It’s handy to have multiple dispatchers or users able to use the same information at the same time.
  10. Support is key. During those early learning stages as your coming to grips with your transport management system, support is so important. Make sure you’re able to contact someone at all times if you have a problem or question. 

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Transport Management System

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