close to record truck sales in 2021

Close To Record Truck Sales in 2021

With the release of the latest figures from the Truck Industry Council, we can see that Australia came very close …
half a century of Canter

Half a Century of Canter

This year sees the Fuso Canter (formerly Mitsubishi Canter, and formerly Dodge Canter) notch up 50 years on the Australian …
more sophisticated electronic architecture in the Anthem

More Sophisticated Electronic Architecture in the Anthem

This road test of the latest Superliner from Mack looks at the more sophisticated electronic architecture in the Anthem, which …
Cummins is developing hydrogen combustion X15

Cummins is Developing Hydrogen Combustion X15 

As the world looks to new technology to meet emission reduction requirement, it has been announced that Cummins is developing …
differentiating factor between the Fuso eCanter and other electric trucks

Between the Fuso eCanter and Other Electric Trucks

How well the vehicle’s main computer modulates the truck’s performance to keep the behaviour within acceptable parameters is the differentiating …
fighting fatigue anomalies in the West

What is Going on With Toll Roads

We need to look at just what is going on with toll roads in Australia, reckons Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO. 
effort to limit this country's horrendous food wastage

Effort to Limit This Country’s Horrendous Food Wastage

Up until a few of months ago, many organisations involved in moving chilled food from farm or manufacturing facility to …
AdBlue insecurity continues to grow

AdBlue Insecurity Continues to Grow

There are growing fears of disruption for the trucking industry with both government and industry representatives getting involved, as AdBlue …




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carrying windows of all shapes and sizes

Carrying Windows of All Shapes and Sizes

Managing a fleet carrying windows of all shapes and sizes over a large area presents a complex transport task with …
good freight ain’t cheap

Good Freight Ain’t Cheap 

Mark Hall is a straight talking trucking operator based out of the Gunnedah Basin are in New South Wales, who …
built by Henry and an Isuzu NNR

Built by Henry and an Isuzu NNR

An Australian-qualified carpenter and joiner with over 18 years’ experience, Henry Wabwile is the sole proprietor of a business which …
a fourth-generation company

A Fourth-Generation Company

Beginning with a single horse and carriage over 120 years ago, Stows Waste Management has grown into a fourth-generation company …
looking for a very specific truck

Looking for a Very Specific Truck

Gabriel Badea wanted a long wheelbase to handle a highly specified body on a truck with only one drive axle, …
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